Humanoid Robot Kits

WowWee Robosapien V2 Toy Humanoid Robot. USD ~$200

The Robosapien V2 is the 2nd generation of the Robosapien HUMANOID ROBOT. It is nearly twice the size of the original Robosapien robot, at 24 inches tall. Robosapien V2 combines fluid motion with a multi-sensory, interactive humanoid personality. Capable of autonomous "free roam" mode and is capable interaction with humans.


Remote control, autonomous "free roam" and guard modes
4 programming modes
Programmable using the remote controller or manually
Speech capability
Multiple levels of environmental interaction, with humans and objects
Sight, sound, and touch sensors
Humanoid body movements, including bending, sitting and standing, lying down and getting up, dancing, waving, martial arts
Speech: Responds verbally to environmental stimuli and to controller commands
Color Vision System: Recognizes colors and skin tones
Stereo Sound Detection System: "Hears" and reacts to sounds
IR Vision: Detects and avoids obstacles; tracks moving objects
True bi-pedal walking with multiple gaits
Precision gripping with articulated fingers
Realistic 2-axis turning head with animated LED eyes
100 pre-programmed functions
2 demonstration modes
Sleep and auto shut-off function
Technical specifications


Product Length: 22 inches (55.88 cm)
Product Height: 15 inches (38.1 cm)
Product Width: 13 inches (33 cm)
Product Weight: 8 lbs (3.63 kg)

WowWee Femisapien Female Toy Humanoid Robot. USD ~$90

Intelligent and interactive, Femisapien speaks her own language called "emotish" which consists of gentle sounds and gestures. There is no remote required; interact with her directly and she responds to your hand gestures, touch, and sound.


Comes loaded with 36 functions and 20 interactive routines, so you'll constantly be entertained. There are also 59 “hidden” functions to explore!
RS Femisapien can communicate with, and even control, other WowWee robots, including the original Robosapien!
RS Femisapien will converse with you; speak clearly within approximately 3 feet (1 m) of her, and she will “chat” with you!
Can be used with both the WowWee Roboremote controller and the Robosapien robot’s remote controller (both sold separately) for interactive routines.
Features a Standby Mode to conserve battery power.
RS Femisapien has four adjustable volume settings.
5 x motors
4 x position switches in each joystick hand access up to 56 functions
1 x IR receiver
2 x IR transmitters
1 x microphone to detect words, music and sharp noises
1 x speaker with nearly 90 seconds of sound
2 x tilt sensors for forwards and backwards fall detection


Product Length: 4 inches (10.2 cm)
Product Height: 15 inches (38.1 cm)
Product Width: 8 inches (20.3 cm)
Product Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.7 KG)

Hitec Robotics ROBONOVA-I Humanoid Robot. USD ~$1300

This exciting new humanoid robot offers educators, students and robotic hobbyists a complete robot package. The stable ROBONOVA-I can walk, run, do flips, cartwheels, dance moves and once programmed, is ready to compete in any Robo One Class. This robot was inspired by Kondo's KHR-1 humanoid robot.


Advanced robot for students, hobbyists, and educators
Gold anodized metal servo brackets serve as strong and lightweight exoskeleton
Controlled with 16 powerful HSR-8498HB digital servos; includes IR controller
Micom control board can operate up to 24 servos and 16 accessory modules
Simple programming with supplied RoboScript and RoboBasic software


Product Length: 3.5 inches (8.9 cm)
Product Height: 12.5 inches (31.75 cm)
Product Width: 7 inches (17.8 cm)
Product Weight: 10 pounds (4.53 kg)

Kondo KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot USD ~$1700

This robot taps in at a relatively high 1700 bucks so it's good to hear that they've made cost cutting decisions by making the robot progressively extendible but cleverly leaving out 5 servos giving the base model 17 dof expandable to 22 dof. This enables one extra degree of motion in each arm and leg and one in the body allowing the robot to twist at the waist. The new microcontroller board RCB-4 enables the controls up to 35 serial servos of KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot. The front and rear covers are rigid ABS plastic. The robot sports KRS-255HV servos which have the ability of being serially networked (no more messy control wire bunches) the servos have an amazing 14kg/cm torque capacity. These servos feature an all metal gear system with ball-bearing supported output shafts for a smoother and more powerful operation.


Product Length: 5.07 inches (12.9 cm)
Product Height: 15.8 inches (40.15 cm)
Product Width: 7.65 inches (19.44 cm)
Product Weight: 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg)

ROBOTIS Bioloid Humanoid Robot. USD ~$350 - $3000

The Bioloid Humanoid Robot is probably the most famous robot kit on the market. It comes in 3 base kits, the Bioloid Beginner Kit, the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit and the Bioloid Premium Kit (think small regular and large) and the Bioloid Expert Kit (le grande at $3k). Based around graphical programming, legolike brackets/servos that can be rearranged to build a number of different robots (dog, human/s, t-rex, multipod, scorpion). The Bioloid Premium Kit comes with better (LIPO) batteries, a gyro, IR sensor (basically the large kit can see and sense when it falls over)


Excellent humanoid walking performance (Adjustable posture while walking)
Various sensors including Gyro, distance, IR and more external ports
Remote control capability (IR-default, Zigbee-optional)
C-Style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB interface included)
Transparent humanoid skin for customization
Digital Packet communication with daisy chain topology
Building various robots using versatile expansion mechanism


Product Length: 3.93 inches (10 cm)
Product Height: 15.6 inches (39.7 cm)
Product Width: 7.48 inches (19 cm)
Product Weight: 3.75 pounds (1.7 kg)

Aldebaran Robotics Nao Humanoid Robot - USD ~$16,000

25 Degree of Freedom humanoid robot
Embedded Computer and WiFi included
Vision system, voice recognition, text to speech and more standard
Functional hands can pick up and grasp objects

The NAO Humanoid Robot from Aldebaran Robotics is a companion, assistant and research platform. With 25 degrees of freedom, NAO is capable of executing a wide range of movements (walking, sitting, standing up, dancing, avoiding obstacles, kicking, seizing objects, etc.)

NAO is a fully autonomous humanoid robot and can establish a secure connection to the Internet to download and broadcast content. Nao is the most capable humanoid development platform on the market today.


High-precision movement:
Nao has many sensors including two cameras, and a sonar so he can understand where he is in the world.

Multiple interactions:
Nao can speak and understand spoken commands, the robot can hear where the sounds are coming from. IR and Wi-Fi give the robot the ability to communicate with other devices.

Fully programmable:
Noobs to experts can program Nao with the propriety software Choregraphe. Thanks to its cross-platform design (Linux, Mac OS and Windows), behaviours can be written in C, C++, Urbi, and Python.


Product Height: 22.83 inches (58 cm)
Product Weight: 9.47 pounds (4.3 kg)

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